The key to future economic growth and sustainability is to provide new jobs for people. Many jobs have been eliminated by mechanization, automation, computerization, new simpler processes like plastics, and robotics. We intend to create jobs. 

   Caribbean AICF

In order to meet the ever growing demand for more and more energy we must rethink how we build our homes, commercial & civic structures. Utilizing Ultra Efficient components in buildings will enable effective use of Solar, Tide, Wind & Wave energies!! 

Current Projects & Products:

Tide Wind Energy

Refuse Solutions

An extremely important issue today is efficient appropriate handling and disposition of waste. We are engaged to bring State of the Art World Class refuse solutions to the CariCom region. Reuse, Recycle and lastly by thermal system Reduction. 

Bringing World Class Technologies
to the Caribbean Community

Reuse, Recycle, Reduce
Ultra Efficient Homes/Buildings

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